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    DivinityMU Taro

Mu Online Romania Official Server , DivinityMU Taro Season 8 Low XP News

Last update: Jul 23 2014 16:30:27    

[EVENT] The Sky World fight!
Hello MU-tizens,

Go and fight with the "Sky monsters" in the dread "World of Sky" (Icarus) and collect the special talismans.

Name of Talismans:

Talisman of Wings of Satan
Talisman of Wings of Heaven
Talisman of Wings of Elf
Talisman of Wing of Curse
Talisman of Cape of Emperor
Talisman of Cape of Fighter
Talisman of Wings of Dragon
Talisman of Wings of Soul
Talisman of Wings of Spirits
Talisman of Wing of Despair
Talisman of Wings of Darkness

If you collect some talismans,go to Lorencia at 21:00 Server Time to Game Master "MeTa" and he will change them in Wings.

You have also extra experience in Icarus,Lorencia,Noria,Elbeland,Devias and Dungeon.

Period :

21 July 19:00 ~ 21 July 21:00 (Server Time)

P.S If you don't have Wings to fly on the World of Sky, go to Christine NPC (Lorencia Bar) buy 10 Horn of Uniria, then negotiate with Goblin to get "Dinorant" .(Dinorant can help you to fly without wings).

Good luck warriors!

[EVENT] Weekend Explosion (ten in one) HOT!

Hello MU-tizens,

Today, a new event will take place throughout the weekend!

During this event you have a lot of benefits:

1) Zen drop value increase with 25%;
2) Bot zen require 50% off (200 zen for 1 level);
3) 10% increase experience on all Continents;
4) Golden Level 1 and Level 2 HP and Damage reduction;
5) 30 % experience increase on Lorencia,Noria and Elbeland;
6) 25 % experience increase on Devias and Dungeon;
7) 15 % experience increase on Lost Tower and Tarkan;
8) Loch's Feather and Crest drop rate increase with 15%;
9) Gold Medal and Silver Medal drop rate increase with 20%;
10) Heart of Love drop rate increase with 15%;

Period :

18 July 17:00 ~ 20 July 24:00 (Server Time)

Extra Event:

If you share this post on facebook you will automatically participate in the lottery for weekend and one lucky player will win 500 Gold Coins.

That do you need to do:

Go to official website ( open "Social Network category", like our Facebook Fan Page, go on Facebook page and share last Event!

After the end of event, we will post the winner on facebook/website/forum.

Have fun and Good Luck warriors!


Salutare, cetateni ai MU-ului,

Astazi, un nou eveniment va avea loc pe toata durata sfarsitului de saptamana!

Pe durata evenimentului aveti foarte multe avantaje:

1) Valoarea zenului dropat creste cu 25%
2) Zenul necesar pentru folosirea BOT-ului este redus cu 50% (200 zen pentru 1 level);
3) Experienta creste cu 10% pe tot continentul;
4) Viata si "Damage-ul" goldenilor de nivelul 1 si nivelul 2 este redusa;
5) Experienta creste cu 30 % in Lorencia,Noria si Elbeland;
6) Experienta creste cu 25 % in Devias si Dungeon;
7) Experienta creste cu 15 % in Lost Tower si Tarkan;
8) Rata drop-ului pentru "Loch's Feather" si "Crest" creste cu 15%;
9) Rata drop-ului pentru "Gold Medal" si "Silver Medal" creste cu 20%;
10) Rata drop-ului pentru "Heart of Love" creste cu 15%;


18 Iulie 17:00 ~ 20 Iulie 24:00 (Ora Server-ului)

Eveniment extra:

Daca distibuiti aceasta stire pe Facebook veti participa automat in tombola sfarsitului de saptamana unde un norocos cetatean al MU-ului poate castiga 500 de monezi aurite.

Distractie placuta si mult noroc luptatorilor!

[EVENT] The release of the Summoner and Rage Fighter warriors!
Hello MU-tizens,

All accounts are able to create Summoner and Rage Fighter Characters for FREE!
Starting with 17 July - 20:00!

Period: Permanently.


[EVENT] The Blossom Spirit
Hello MU-tizens,

Today another new thrilling event will start at 16:00 Server Time!

During this event you have a lot of benefits:

1) The level restriction for the Shadow Soldier buff will be removed and you will be able to use it till level 400.
2) Shadow Soldier can be found in Arena (Safe zone) durring this event.
3) Experience increase 30-40% on low level maps (Lorencia,Noria,Devias and Dungeon)
4) Gold Cherry Blossom drop in all continent of MU.

Collect 255 Gold Cherry Blossom, go to Cherry Blossom Spirit in Noria and you can get fabulous prize like:

10 Jewel of Chaos
20 Jewel of Chaos
30 Jewel of Chaos
10 Jewel of Bless
20 Jewel of Bless
30 Jewel of Bless
10 Jewel of Soul
20 Jewel of Soul
30 Jewel of Soul
10 Jewel of Creation
20 Jewel of Creation
30 Jewel of Creation
10 Jewel of Life
20 Jewel of Life
30 Jewel of Life
10 Jewel of Harmony
20 Jewel of Harmony
30 Jewel of Harmony

Event Period:

16:00 ~ 21:00 Server Time (17 July 2014)

Good Luck Warriors!

[EVENT] Atlans Assault is Over !
Hello MU-tizens,

Atlans Assault Event is Over! (Gold Coins Event)

Congratulations to:

Anakim - 9 Gold Coin Items (450 Gold Coins)
Kyxua - 5 Gold Coin Items (250 Gold Coins)
SpeeDseX - 5 Gold Coin Items (250 Gold Coins)
Legend - 4 Gold Coin Items (200 Gold Coins)
Bratianu - 3 Gold Coin Items (150 Gold Coins)
Nicolae - 2 Gold Coin Items (100 Gold Coins)
Andreea - 1 Gold Coin Items (50 Gold Coins)
APOCALIPS - 1 Gold Coin Items (50 Gold Coins)
BummDL - 1 Gold Coin Items (50 Gold Coins)
Destiny - 1 Gold Coin Items (50 Gold Coins)
MaracuchaX - 1 Gold Coin Items (50 Gold Coins)
TipDrill - 1 Gold Coin Items (50 Gold Coins)
TYGAR - 1 Gold Coin Items (50 Gold Coins)
TrAxData - 1 Gold Coin Items (50 Gold Coins)

P.S Experience Event will be over @ 24:00 Sever Time (16 July 2014)

Thank you for participation!

Stay tuned for the new thrilling events!

[EVENT] Atlans Assault !
Hello MU-tizens,

Today we have another event for you!

Go and hunt sea monsters in Atlans and you can get:

- 100% Bonus XP (more then 100% in party)
- Gold Coin Item


- Bahamut
- Vepar
- Valkyrie
- Great Bahamut
- Silver Valkyrie
- Lizard King
- Hydra

If you collect Gold Coin Item, Game Master MeTa will be online at 21:00 Server Time (after the end of Happy Hour Event) to exchange your items!

1 Gold Coin Item = 50 Gold Coins.

More benefit of this event:

Lorencia exp : + 50%
Noria exp : + 50%
Devias party exp: + 40%
Dungeon party exp : +40%
Lost Tower party exp: +20%

Event Period:

15:00 ~ 21:00 Server Time (16 July 2014) - Gold Coins Drop
15:00 ~ 24:00 Server Time (16 July 2014) - Exp Event.

Good luck warriors!

P.S Before event, client will be automatic update to fix small issue and to be able to trade Gold Coin Item (DL and RF can equip Wings of Satan after scheduled maintenance). So, we recommend you to close client and run again!

[EVENT] Guardian Elf help you!
Hello MU-tizens,

Today Guardian Elf help warriors from first part of Continent of MU (0-220 Map Level).
Guardian Elf have a special ability who can help other warriors with some extra experience (XP).

Buff Power:

Lorencia: Increase XP with 50%
Noria : Increase XP with 50%
Elbeland : Increase XP with 50%
Devias : Increase XP with 35%
Dungeon : Increase XP with 35%
Atlans : Increase XP with 30%
Lost Tower: Increase XP with 25%
Tarkan : Increrase XP with 10%

Buff Period: 12:00 ~ 24:00 GST (15 July 2014)


[EVENT] Zen Invasion

Increases acquisition rate of Zen after hunting monsters +100% for 12 hours starting at 14 July @ 11:00 GST


[NEWS] DivinityMU Taro Fresh Start
Grand Opening : 11th July 2014

In this post you find a little description of DivinityMU Taro Server!

Server Name: DivinityMU Taro
Server EXP : 20x
Server Drop: 40%
Server Vers: Season 8 EP1.
Fresh Start: 11 July 2014.

DivinityMU Taro Specials:

+ Full Season 8 Original Items and Events without lame skins or patches
+ Coins System. (You can gain from:Grand Reset,Vote,Blood Castle,Devil Square,Illusion Temple,Chaos Castle,Selupan,Medusa,Gorgon Event,White Wizard etc.)
+ NO crashes,downtime and lag (Didicated host 1000 MB/s), all reported bugs in past fixed.
+ DDOS Protection.
+ MU Helper.
+ Guild/Player Reputation System.
+ Balanced PvP.
+ Party Boost system.
+ Special Events like Lottery,Archer,Delgardo,etc.
+ X Shop.
+ PowerUP Shop.
+ Party XP Boost UP! (40% for perfect party)
+ Full Master Skill
+ We don't sell anything for break the game balance!

More info about server settings can be found on our forums.

Community since 2007 without downtime.

If you dare to join us, these are the links:

Register URL :
Download URL :

Thank you for your time!

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