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Last update: Feb 10 2016 05:20:24    
[Event] Beginners Invasion!
Greetings MU-tizens,

New event for beginners start from today!

If you create a new account right now, you will receive a special Seal called BeginnerSeal and you gain:

+ 150% Experience
+ 20% Drop
+ 200% Experience for Master Level!
+ Zen Drop +20%
+ Loch Feather and Crest of Monarch +10%
+ All Box,Medals,Harth Drop rate +50%
+ Scrolls Drop Rate +30%

Seal will be available for 2 weeks start from today! (30 March 2015)

P.S All account created after 1 March, can enjoy this event! (without empty accounts)

Do you want more?
If you have 0 or 1 Resets, you gain extra 50% Experience and if you have 2 ~ 9 Resets, you gain extra 10% Experience.

We have Special offers on Premium Shop too!

For Example: You can receive as bonus a lot of items like:

+ Seals
+ Coins
+ Pets
+ Rings
+ Pendants
+ Pentagrams
+ Errtels
+ Gold Fenrir
+ More rare items

What are you waiting for? Click here to register now!

Is time to gain more Referrals, MU-tizens!

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